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Kaleesh Ranks: info about rank at the bottom of this journal

:bulletred: Kaleesh Warlords :bulletred:

:bulletpurple: Kaleesh Loyal Guards :bulletpurple:

:bulletgreen:Kaleesh Soldiers/Scouts :bulletgreen:
:iconmagrunemoon: Adriav Shakar :bulletgreen: :iconandalasur::iconiseijin::iconalija::icony-eskii-lass:

:bulletblue: Kaleesh Priests :bulletblue:

:bulletorange: Kaleesh Commoners :bulletorange:

Rank info:

Kaleesh Warlords:

Highest Rank of the Military and controls the soldiers and scouts.

Kaleesh Loyal Guards:

Protectors of the Warlord/s - Specially trained and strictly choosen

Kaleesh Soldier/Scouts:

Soldiers are the fighting force or Body of the Military

Scouts are the backbone of the fighting force - Gatherers of intel & excutors of special tasks.

Kaleesh Priests:

Provide advice to Commonors as well as blessing to those in the Military including Warlords.

Kaleesh Commoners:

Citizens - those not in the military.

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